Thai consumers ready to engage with technology instore, or online

Seventy per cent of Thai consumers prefer to use apps to shop online, according to a study by Wirecard – but they expect a consistent offer across all of a brand’s sales channels. 

According to the report, “consistent cross-channel experiences are vital to consumers” because 90 per cent of them go online to research products they are considering buying. And when inside stores, they would rather use an app or the store’s website to research products via their phone rather than use in-store screens or VR booths. 

The Wirecard Global Shopping Report, which covered markets across Asia, Europe and the Americas, concludes that physical stores remain relevant to the modern shopper, but the way in which merchants interact with customers has changed and is a key part of their success. 

Other findings relating to Thai consumers include: 

  • 84 per cent of consumers surveyed are willing to share personal data in return for incentives.
  • Shoppers are “always on” so maintaining an up-to-date online store is key for retailers.  
  • Consumers will shop online most often while they are relaxing (76 per cent), watching TV (39 per cent) or in bed (23 per cent).  
  • 87 per cent of Thai shoppers are interested in using biometrics, such as facial recognition or fingerprint, to purchase products both in-store and online. 
  • 89 per cent are interested in using technologies such as mobile apps, smart mirrors and VR while shopping. 

Markus Eichinger, EVP group strategy at Wirecard, said the research shows Thai consumers clearly desire choice when completing purchases. 

“Consumers shop in many different ways nowadays and this is challenging merchants to meet a wide range of retail demands. A lot of focus is put on pricing, but not necessarily on the flexibility customers seek. A unified commerce strategy, with a focus on a consistent and frictionless buying journey, is integral to offering consumers the experience they would expect from any modern retailer,” he said. 

“In the future, brick and mortar stores will only exist if they are technologically advanced with the latest in-store innovations and a fully integrated e-commerce backend.

“Retailers that want to engage with their customers via targeted offers, and improve their service across all channels need to leverage customer data. Our report shows that if customers can see a concrete benefit when it comes to providing personal information, they are willing to share it with retailers, thus providing merchants critical data which they can analyse to optimise their offerings and improve customer loyalty,” Eichinger concluded.  

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