Scale your food, beverages and hospitality business with automation

In the fast-paced world of the food industry, technology and efficient processes are crucial for staying ahead of the competition. One Pacific Automation Solution built for Food, Beverages and Hospitality, powered by Oracle NetSuite, is revolutionising food business management. With a comprehensive suite of tools, our solution covers three key areas: food business management, food MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and central kitchen management.  

From luxury food and hospitality businesses run by expats, to farm-to-packaged food importers in Hong Kong, Oracle NetSuite helped hundreds of food and beverage businesses improve its operational efficiency and transparency, cost efficiency and data-driven decision among its 36,000 clients.  Let’s explore how this powerful combination enhances efficiency and drives growth for high-quality food and beverage distributors, manufacturers, and restaurant chains. 

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Food and beverage distributors: unifying operations for success 

For delicate or volume food and beverage distributors, having a single view of customers, orders, items, and inventory is essential. One Pacific Automation Solution built for Food, Beverages and Hospitality, is built on Oracle NetSuite used by over 36,000 customers in 217 countries and territories around the world. Oracle NetSuite provides a real-time platform that unifies all channels. This enables food distributors to improve gross margins and enhance the customer experience by adding e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities. By eliminating legacy system constraints, our solution empowers food distributors to address supply chain inefficiencies and gain valuable visibility. 

The Oracle NetSuite-powered system covers financials, accounting, inventory and order management, CRM, marketing, and e-commerce. With a unified omnichannel commerce platform, food manufacturers and distributors can provide a seamless B2B and B2C customer experience. Real-time updates ensure accurate insights for informed decision-making. One Pacific Automation Solution built for Food, Beverages and Hospitality also offers ready-to-use roles, reports, and dashboards, enabling rapid deployment and quick ROI. 

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Food & beverage manufacturers: streamlining processes for success  
One Pacific Automation Solution built for Food, Beverages and Hospitality caters to the needs of food and beverage manufacturers with an integrated, configurable, and expertly implemented solution of Smart Factory. From idea to customer delivery, the solution optimises processes, streamlines sales cycles, and automates key functions such as forecasting, planning, manufacturing, and assortments. Built-in compliance features help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements while staying aligned with customer expectations. 

Sustainable food and beverage manufacturing: enhancing performance and efficiency  
One Pacific Automation Solution prioritises sustainability and helps food and beverage businesses improve operational and financial performance. Key features include greater shop floor control, streamlined production control, quality initiatives, order management for capturing new business, transparent supply chain management, and production data management for recipe consistency. Efficient planning, inventory and warehouse management, and enhanced traceability contribute to cost reduction and improved profitability.

Smart Central Kitchen: driving efficiency and compliance  
For central kitchens, One Pacific partnering with Fern, offers specific features to meet their unique requirements. It supports auto-costing, auto-inventory deduction, and labelling compliance and provides detailed ingredient and nutritional information to consumers. With tight control over recipes, product quality and consistency are ensured, and traceability is enabled. Dual unit of measures allows for accurate costing and inventory movement, simplifying materials and production management. Strong inventory traceability reduces risks, while shelf-life control minimises wastage and optimises stock levels for improved margins. 

Conclusion: The One Pacific Automation Solution built for Food, Beverages and Hospitality, powered by Oracle NetSuite, is transforming the food industry. With a focus on food business management, food MES, and smart central kitchen solutions, it enables distributors, manufacturers, and central kitchens to streamline operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth.

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