Leading luxury jeweller Chow Sang Sang chooses Insider to drive innovation

Singapore-based Insider, a profitable SaaS company that takes a unique approach to Multichannel Experience Orchestration, wins the partnership of Hong Kong’s most recognised luxury jewellery brand, Chow Sang Sang, on Smart Recommending campaigns to increase consumer conversion rate to their website and overall UX experience for 2021.

Trusted by more than 800 global enterprise brands, Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behaviour with an AI-powered intent engine, and orchestrate and deliver individualised experiences to customers. Insider’s channel integrations take minutes, ultimately enabling digital marketers to drive growth across online channels.

Offering the most trend-setting high-quality jewellery at affordable prices, Chow Sang Sang has captured the hearts of millions with its exquisite jewellery collections. Inspired by its philosophy of “Sustained Vitality, Ever Rejuvenated” and driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, the brand has become an icon of design, craftsmanship, quality, and professional service. Insider was able to quickly provide Chow Sang Sang a range of personalised features that enabled higher engagements and thus conversions to their website, focusing on their overall strategy to improve customer experience to drive e-commerce revenue.

By using Insider, Chow Sang Sang will continue their capabilities to deliver personalised experiences to drive their digital business growth. The partnership has committed to the long-term goal of improving the user experience for retail customers by delivering onsite smart recommenders across multi-screen devices and targeting AI-personalised solutions to increase product recommendations through emails. These techniques enable the brand to closely monitor and understand a customer’s decision-making behaviour and continue to foster digital innovation with the support of the teams. 

Head of e-commerce, Chi Fai Leung: “The future of jewellery retail business is in the personalised and targeted meaningful experiences at the right place and time.” 

Chi Fai Leung, the Head of e-commerce, says, “Our passion and focus is to constantly develop as a jewellery brand and never-ending improvement in everything we do, allowing experts and tech teams such as Insider has allowed us to thrive faster and further extending our knowledge to understand our consumer’s online behaviour to the forefront of digital technology. Brands need to look beyond the easy way out and realise the need to create that vital emotional connection with customers online at the right time and the right platforms. Launching the first scenario within two weeks of starting integration, the Insider team has proven to be a great partner in enabling our team to drive results quickly. By using Insider’s product recommendations module, we were able to implement merchandising strategies swiftly in under a month without having to involve our tech team and were able to show strong numbers quickly. For example, we saw an increase of over 10.5 per cent in conversion rate by using personalised recommendations on the homepage instead of showing regular bestsellers. The future is in the personalised and targeted meaningful experiences. We continue to strive for innovative engagement strategies as well as online infrastructure to keep up our 2021 strategies and business goals.” 

“Chow Sang Sang is constantly pushing the boundaries of the digital experience. We are very excited to join forces with such an iconic company, and redefine how customers interact with the brand online,” said Patrick Steinbrenner, Managing Director at APAC.

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