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Luxury’s time to shine
What’s driving M&A activity on the top end of town? We examine the factors behind Tapestry and Capri’s recent mega-merger.

News bites
The latest news in the retail industry across the country featuring ELF beauty, Walgreens, Sketchers, Crocs, Walmart Zimmerman and more.

The state of play
Leading indicators paint a mixed picture of retail growth in the months ahead. Here’s what business leaders need to know.

Foot Locker steps into the future
The footwear chain is making a big bet on new technology, such s generative AI, to drive long-term growth.

Standout stores
From automated salad bars to Gen Z and Millennial-friendly grocers, these incredible spaces are elevating the shopping experience.

From the warehouse to the boardroom
How Alison Francis worked her way up from cashier assistant to chief diversity officer at Costco Wholesale.

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